What To Wear To The Races A Men’s Style Guide

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When it comes to what to wear and how to look, women are always at the center of the discussion. Women pay great attention to what they wear to any event, be it corporate, social, or sporting. No wonder, the internet is replete with numerous content on women’s fashion.

However, it is important to note men’s fashion is as important as women’s fashion. Over time, men’s fashion is beginning to get the attention it deserves. Men are typically simpler and have fewer options when it comes to fashion but this is not to say they have to look less impressive.

One of the most important aspects of men’s lives is sports. Football, basketball, tennis, racing, etc. There are clearer details on what to wear to certain sporting events than the other. What men should wear to races hardly gets the necessary attention. Usually, men are focused on the horses and the bets to place. Little did they realize that fashion is a key ingredient during races.

When going to races, many people concentrate on horse racing tips (click here to view today’s by OLBG’s betting experts), betting odds, and other information that will help them win their bets but you should also pay attention to what you wear as a man and in case you want to know, it makes the fun better and takes nothing away from the betting.

Let’s consider a few dress codes for different races because different events and festivals often call for different dress codes or styles.

Horse racing festivals have always been closely linked to a fashion event. It’s an opportunity to look your absolute best. Get your nice suit on; go make some statement. You never know who you will meet during the festival.

Royal Ascot

This popular annual horse racing meeting is classy. Dress code is available, which is usually different for different enclosures. Some are stricter in terms of dress codes than others. All enclosures require smart dressing – royal enclosure requires a complete 3-piece suit; the Queen Anne enclosure is only a waistcoat lesser while the Windsor enclosure requires a shirt, trousers, and jacket.

Note: sportswear and fancy dresses are not allowed in all the enclosures.

Cheltenham Festival

This racing event happens in March every year. It usually does not have a dress code, but men always look their best.

Usually, men are in suits around the hospitality areas and club enclosure. The suit is a great attire for this occasion since you want to look your best.

Note: weather can be a key factor in what you wear for this event since it takes place in March. Also, note that fancy dresses could be turned away though they are often accepted.

Grand National

This is one of the most anticipated racing events of the year. Every April, people participate in this event in several manners, including placing bets.

No formal dress code is given to allow participants to look their best just the way they want it. Sportswear and fancy dresses are not allowed in this event hence a well-fitted suit is a real deal. Don’t forget is a televised event; the world is watching. You can go for cool solid colors or patterned blazers.

Suits are the most obvious gears to horse racing. It is an opportunity to wear bolder or brighter suits, allowing you to add some personality to your dressing.

The weather or season is a major determinant in what you wear to horse racing. For warmer months, a linen suit will help you stay fresh as long as possible while not taking anything away from your look.

Color Combination

Usually, color is not men’s stronger foot but it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Races are opportunities to mix the color up. You can wear different colors from the top down. Just make sure the colors are complementary.

What To Wear To The Races A Men's Style Guide


Fashion will definitely not be complete without a mention of the shoe to wear. Given the smartness of dressing required for races, your footwear has to be smart as well. This is not the time for trainers or sneakers. Get your shoe well-polished; you can also go for brighter colors to add personality.

Other key accessories are shirts, tie, pocket square, wristwatches, hats, and sunglasses. Keep everything in line with the smart look. Watches are good points to make statements just like women do with handbags.

Note: the period of the year is a key consideration when dressing for races.


A horse racing event is not somewhere to go looking shabby. It is an opportunity to look smart. However, it is not something right or boring. You can add color, personality, and class. Just make sure you remain smart.


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