Jayden & Sooleen in ‘Layered Up’

Left: Sooleen wears bomber Hip and Bone, beanie Leone Napoli, sneakers Puma, printed mask Mayer Man Custom, tank and pants House of Dwir. Right: Jayden wears hand warmers Aldo, socks Hudson's Bay, sneakers Hip and Bone, mask, Mayer Man Custom, pants and scarf H&M, sweater and trench Christopher Bates.Fashion experiences a new normal as photographer David J. Fulde sets out to capture a fall story with particular attention to social distancing, sanitization, and masks. Elmer Olsen models Sooleen Park and Jayden get back to work as they star in an autumnal outing entitled “Layered Up.” Paul Langill acts as a fashion director for… [Read More]

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