How To Do “Relaxed Business” This Fall

relaxed business attire men

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4 tips for nailing Business attire without the full suit

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When you think about business attire, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely suit, tie, and lace up shoes. Am I right? While there will always be a place for a suit and tie in a business environment, it’s also possible to do business attire in a more laid back manner.

It’s relatively simple and opens up an entire new dimension to your wardrobe. And in today’s post I’ll be sharing four easy tips on how to pull off what we’re going to call “relaxed business”.

relaxed business attire men

1. Wear a blazer. The easiest way to break out of the formality mentality suggested by a full suit, is to opt for a blazer instead. When it comes to odd jackets, I am typically a fan of adding some pattern such as a windowpane or gun club check for a sportier feel. However, a solid jacket will have an overall more traditional and conservative look. Be sure to choose a fabric appropriate for the season. Since fall has arrived, I’m wearing flannel.

relaxed business attire men

| WEARING | He Spoke Style x Michael Andrews jacket, shirt, and pants, Brooks Brothers tie, Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, Bally loafers | PHOTOGRAPHY | by Rob McIver Photo

2. Choose a more casual trouser. While I like to preach about the benefits of being able to break your suits up into separates–more versatility equals a bigger bang for the buck–it’s also important to have some more casual trousers, like chinos, in your wardrobe as well. Casual should actually be in scare quotes since a dark navy chino, like I’m wearing here, may actually feel more casual than it looks. And be sure to accessorize with a classic dress belt.

3. Keep your tie conservative. Since we’re taking a bit of the formality out of the outfit with our jacket and trousers choice, it’s important to have at least one element to keep the look grounded and appropriate for the situation we’re dressing for. A classic striped tie set against a crisp white shirt will easily check that box for you.

relaxed business attire men

relaxed business attire men

4. Loafers instead of lace ups. Loafers are always a good choice for a sophisticated, yet more relaxed look. That’s definitely true with the pair I’m wearing from Bally, known as the Kelsy. I love the elegant and iconic look–particularly the golden hardware detail. When styling loafers with a look like this, always opt for over the calf socks.

relaxed business attire men

Finally, to really take the look up a notch, consider the following exceptional accessories:

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