About Us


GQBULL (Gutsy Quincy Bull GQBULL ) was established to cater to the cosmopolitan, brave, cool gentleman and those striving to be. Men who are citizens of the world in their value, act and respect all mankind. GQBULL strive on this philosophy by having greater appreciation for artisan, the art of traditional craftsmanship, and ethically source its materials from suppliers who have similar philosophy.
GQBULL is a boutique studio that focus on exclusivity and through its founders’ experience in architectural and industrial design, has great admiration for modern minimalist architecture, design and horology…beauty in simplicity. GQBULL focus on providing beautifully designed products that reflect Bauhaus’ principle of design based on the idea of functionality and true materials. This is the reason why most of our premium leather goods don’t have unnecessary lining but functional lining because premium leather is beautiful and will continue to be with age as the patina developed.

Today, with its exacting standards for quality and design, GQBULL brand continues to uphold this principle of design and being an excellent citizen of the world by contributing portion of its sales and time through its staffs to causes / charities that provide services for the betterment of mankind.
We thank our customers for their gifts to fulfill accommodation, foods and mentorship for underprivileged people in our society and across the globe through our “$0.60 of purchased item” charity program. For every items purchased, our customers help contribute $0.60 per item to this program and we match these donations 1x, 2x or 3x pending on the value of item for charity.

Gutsy Quincy Bull…Show Your Bullish Side!