5 Pairs of Sunglasses Perfect For Any Look

best sunglasses outfit 2020

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Sunglasses for Any Style

When it comes to summertime must-haves, sunglasses are pretty much at the top of the list. No other accessory has the power to completely transform your look (with the possible exception of a fedora or Panama hat). Building a collection of different pairs ensures that you’ll never be missing that final touch. Brian recently featured his collection of sunglasses on the HSS YouTube Channel and showed us why it’s necessary to own more than just one pair. Today, we’ll look at how choosing the right pair of sunglasses based on your look can be a powerful tool for your style.

1. Weekend Drive

best sunglasses outfit 2020

A man’s clothes, much like the car he drives, is a reflection of who he is. Brian always knows how to convey a classic style and sophistication, but what I like most about this look is that the aviator sunglasses completely change his appearance. The black frames and tinted lenses, give off a rockstar personality. He looks confident and downright badass. What’s better? You can easily make this look work with one of your suits and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

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2. Job Interview

best sunglasses outfit 2020

Something I’ve learned over the years is the clothes you wear can tell people all they need to know about who you are. An important occasion, like a job interview, is an opportunity to show why you’re the right candidate. While this look is pretty straightforward, it reinforces the idea of dressing well without distracting from your real qualifications. The same should go with your sunglasses. This pair from Garrett Leight is understated, but adds a touch of cool to a classic look.

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3. Sharp Casual

best sunglasses outfit 2020

The thing about a classic pair of sunglasses is that they always outlast trends. Of all the different pairs mentioned, this pair from Oliver Peoples is one of Brian’s go-to pairs. Far from ubiquitous, these sunglasses are all about the fine details. Paired here with a navy bomber jacket, tan chinos, white shirt and sneakers, Brian shows us why dressing casually doesn’t mean dressing sloppy.

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4. Vacation Time

best sunglasses outfit 2020

A vacation seems much farther away today than expected, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself for it when the time comes. Vacations aren’t just a relaxing time away from the norm, they’re a great opportunity to experiment with your style. Round sunglasses aren’t for everyone, but Brian shows us that trying a different style can be successful. Here’s a perfect example of how to dress when traveling.

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5. Hollywood Statement

best sunglasses outfit 2020

Sunglasses are a transformative accessory. Sometimes we wear them to simply hide and other times it’s to say we’re not to be messed with. Everyone should have at least 1 pair of sunglasses that make a bold statement. Whether that means a pair of unique colored lenses or a large framed pair like these from Oliver Goldsmith Lord. Brian makes this Hollywood-esque style look easy with a basic buttoned-up black polo, blazer and white chinos. A look that Mr. Caine would be proud of.

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